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15 March 2022

Automation Tools Showcase series

Welcome to our Automation tools Showcase series!  In each session, we’ll showcase an automation tool/platform from the industry and have a walkthrough (screenshare and video discussion) to introduce the tool/platform to you so that you can do a better decision making around tool/platform selection.

We hope you will find this very helpful in terms of developing awareness around how the Test Automation tools are transforming around us in order to help us in making our automation journey more and more productive.

Showcase Series – Deepfactor
Showcase Series – Tonic
Showcase Series – Conformiq

Our Latest Articles

Our Forum is continuously getting more and more popular! It’s an honor to have such talented authors who are actually contributing significantly in order to make the Forum a powerful Knowledge base for our QA Professionals worldwide.

Read through our articles to understand the latest trend in the industry and also to continuously broaden your Software Test Automation knowledge.

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Knowledge is Power!  We strongly believe in bringing excellence by inspiring QA/Test automation professionals/enthusiasts to share their knowledge with others. Our forum supports all the aspiring authors by helping them to make their stories presentable and highlight the unique innovation that they bring in.

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