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Welcome to TAF - Your favourite Knowledge Base for the latest Quality Engineering updates.

Welcome to TAF - Your favourite Knowledge Base for the latest Quality Engineering updates.


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 Welcome! We are super excited to see you here! We are confident that you will find TAF very helpful in providing you the valuable info about the latest updates around Quality Engineering and Test Automation tools  by industry experts. Since the QA industry is transforming so rapidly around us keep visiting us to stay in sync with what’s trending…

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We love collaborating with experienced and passionate professionals who want to share their learning from their research and implementation activities. We are very thankful to our readers/visitors for the wonderful support and encouragement around the articles that are published on TAF. Below are a few articles that most of our readers enjoy and find helpful in enhancing their automation knowledge.

Why Codeless Automated Testing is gaining popularity?
Test data management using AI-powered synthetic data generators
The Top 10 Application Security Issues of 2021 (OWASP) & how to test them

Automation Tools Showcase series

Welcome to our Automation tools Showcase series!  In each session, we’ll showcase an automation tool/platform from the industry and have a walkthrough (screenshare and video discussion) to introduce the tool/platform to you so that you can do a better decision making around tool/platform selection.

We don’t accept any payments/monetary favors to present a showcase review in order to promote any commercial software products. Our main intention is to expand the awareness around the testing Platforms/Products in the Software Testing/QA world so that you select the best tool for yourself independently.

Showcase Series – testRigor
Showcase Series – ContextQA
Showcase Series – Deepfactor
Webinars on trending automation techniques by experts…
  • The future of test automation and How to use a Selenium Based hybrid frmwork
  • How to Use a selenium based hybrid framework to achieve Continuous testing.

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Our Forum is continuously getting more and more popular! It’s an honor to have such talented authors who are actually contributing significantly in order to make the Forum a powerful Knowledge base for our QA Professionals worldwide.

Read through our articles to understand the latest trend in the industry and also to continuously broaden your Software Test Automation knowledge.

the future of  Test Automation

Embracing the Future: The Evolution of Test Automation Test automation continues to be a cornerstone of quality assurance processes in the dynamic landscape of software development. As technology advances and methodologies evolve, the future of test automation promises exciting developments that will redefine how we ensure the reliability and efficiency of software systems. 1. AI …

the future of Test Automation Read More »

Why Test Automation Fails: Strategies for Maximizing ROI and Efficiency

Introduction: Test automation stands as a beacon of efficiency in the realm of software testing, promising to save both time and money. Yet, its true potential lies not just in its implementation but in the ability to yield a positive return on investment (ROI). In this article, we delve into the key strategies essential for …

Why Test Automation Fails: Strategies for Maximizing ROI and Efficiency Read More »

Security Testing: A Shield Against Modern Cyber Threats

Introduction: Security testing is an important aspect of software testing focused on identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in a software application. It aims to ensure that the software is secure from malicious attacks, unauthorized access, and data breaches. Security testing involves verifying the software’s compliance with security standards, evaluating the security features and mechanisms, and …

Security Testing: A Shield Against Modern Cyber Threats Read More »

Testing Applications running on Quantum Computers – An Overview

Introduction It’s like a thrilling competition where scientists, governments, and tech experts are racing towards a goal hidden in the mysteries of the quantum world. And what’s the ultimate treasure they’re chasing? It’s a practical quantum computer, a mind-blowing machine that has the potential to completely change our world in ways we can hardly imagine.  …

Testing Applications running on Quantum Computers – An Overview Read More »

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