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Focused on Functional, Performance, Security and AI/ML Testing

Showcase Series – Tonic

Greetings from Test Automation Forum (TAF)! Welcome to our Showcase session!

What’s your strategy around generating and managing adequate amount of diversified test data?

Enterprise applications and business products if not tested thoroughly using the right size of production-like data in their QA/Sandbox/Testing environments, then they might pose risks to their reliability in production. Huge number of diversified data records are also required for testing from compliance standpoint also for some domain specific apps.

In our 13th showcase session, we showcased an intelligent test data generating platform called Tonic, that helps in providing adequate volume of mimicked production data that can be used as real-time data during the test execution.

Dynamic transaction data in the system continue to change over a period of time and might comprise sensitive data like medical history, salary info of employees etc. and it is not an easy job to generate these types of records always in the desired volume.

Test data management helps organizations create better quality software that will perform reliably on deployment. It prevents bug fixes and rollbacks and overall creates a more cost-efficient software deployment process. It also lowers the organization’s compliance and security risks.

With Tonic.ai, your data is modelled from your production data to help you setup an identical data source in your testing environments. Useful and yet safe data created to mimic your real-world data, at scale. You can easily generate data that looks, acts, and feels just like your production data and safely share it across teams, businesses, and international borders.

You can mimic the original database attributes like Primary/Foreign key rules, shields the PII or any other sensitive data, maintain the schema level info and so on that will help you to acheive your 100% test objectives around different data types.

The link to the recorded session is below and the duration of the video is approx. 34 mins.

It was a pleasure to have Adam Kamor (Co-founder at Tonic) and Ryan Callahan (Account Executive at Tonic) discussing about their platform. We talked around tonic.ai’s journey so far, how the platform is helping the global customers around accelerating the Test Data Management (TDM) process and most importantly we had a great product walkthrough of the platform.

Dear followers, I hope you find this session informative and insightful. Will be more than happy to answer if you have any questions or suggestions.

See you in our next session.

If you would like to contact Tonic for trials then you can reach out to their team by hitting the “Book a Demo” link on their homepage.

 Tri Rath

Disclaimer: The Test Automation Forum (TAF) doesn’t accept any payments/monetary favors or any other similar benefits to write an article or present a review video in order to promote any commercial software products. The intention is to expand the awareness around the testing Platforms/Products in the Software Testing/QA world.

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