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Focused on Functional, Performance, Security and AI/ML Testing

Is Script-Less Test Automation The Future ? Part-2

Wishing everyone a happy new year 2021!

As I indicated earlier, this article is continuation from Part-1 where we discussed on how test automation tools have evolved in last few decades and how leading test automation tools are adopting latest technologies like AI-ML etc. and enabling script-less test development,  test maintenance and intelligent test execution in order to accelerate the automation that is really the need of today’s Agile/DevOps world. 

If you have not yet read the Part-1 of this article then you can read it Here.

In this part, we are going to see a listing of such 30 script-less popular test automation tools. Please note that the below listing is not a comprehensive one. Several more such tools are there in the market as well. If you are aware of such a tool(s), then don’t hesitate to give me a heads up on LinkedIn and I can add them in the below list too.

Note: The below listing is not intended to rank the platforms as per their features. The brief description, features etc. of each of the tools/platforms below are taken from their official product info web-page.


1. Tosca

Provider: Tricentis

Licensed/Free: Paid

Next-gen automated Continuous Testing. Tricentis Tosca, the #1 Continuous Testing platform, accelerates testing with a script-less, AI-based, no-code approach for end-to-end test automation. With support for over 160+ technologies and enterprise applications, Tosca provides resilient test automation for any use case. Gartner has recognized Tricentis as a “Leader” in Software Test Automation for 5 years in a row.


2. EggPlant (DAI)

Provider: KeySight Technologies

Licensed/Free: Paid

EggPlant Digital Automation Intelligence: Test smarter with AI-powered automation that views technology from the users’ perspective, improving how you test, develop and deliver in the digital age.

A modern AI-assisted approach to test automation that helps you create products that delight users, deliver at DevOps speed, test the full customer experience, test ANY technology, and predict the quantified impact of new product versions on the user before release.

Eggplant uses scriptless models, AI, and analytics to expand automation beyond test execution across the full testing process. From test-case generation and test optimisation to results analytics.
Gartner and Forrester have recognized EggPlant as “Leader” in Software Test Automation.



Provider: ACCELQ Inc.

Licensed/Free: Paid

ACCELQ is an AI powered Codeless Test Automation & test Management platform on Cloud. (Unified platform for Web, Mobile, API, DB and Packaged Apps)

ACCELQ is listed as Leader in Forrester Wave™: Continuous Test Automation Suites, Q2 2020 This platform covers the below areas of testing:
– Quality Lifecycle management
– API and UI End-to-end validation
– In-sprint and Codeless Automation


4. Ranorex

Provider: An Idea Inc. Company

Licensed/Free: Paid

Ranorex Studio: Functional UI Test Automation
Everyone from novice to expert can build sophisticated tests for desktop, web, and mobile.

Rapidly build and deploy reliable, maintainable automated GUI tests – with or without coding.

Easy-to-use tools, a comprehensive set of test automation features, and built-in best practices. Ranorex Studio enables testers to create modular automation scripts that are efficient and maintainable, regardless of programming expertise. Reach your test automation goals faster with Ranorex.


5. Katalon

Provider: Katalon LLC

Licensed/Free: Paid

Katalon Studio is an end-to-end automation platform. Below are the key features of the paltform:

Test Generation
– Productive IDE to generate automated tests easily for all platforms and OSs, regardless of application complexity.
– Powerful recording utility for effortlessly storing all UI elements to maximize reusability.
– Codeless experience for beginners. Infinite testing extension for experts.

Test Execution
– Smart engine with auto-heal and auto-wait capabilities.
– Speed up scripting and execution processes.
– Improve team performance, reduce maintenance costs.

Test Analysis
– Powered by artificial intelligence.
– Track and monitor in real-time with holistic insights.
– Instant end-to-end feedback loop for CI/CD pipelines


6. TestIM Automate

Provider: Testim

Licensed/Free: Paid

Super-fast authoring. Amazingly stable tests. 

Your way—coded, codeless, or both!

Key features of TestIM Automate:
– Expand test coverage: Fast authoring increases coverage and quality across your application.
– Reduce maintenance: AI-based stabilizers eliminate flaky tests that consume resources.
– Troubleshoot quickly: Diagnose failed tests, pinpointing root cause to fix bugs and release faster.


7. Qualitia

Provider: QualitiaSoft

Licensed/Free: Paid

QUALITIA – The test automation platform that does not put testers to test!

Qualitia is one-of-its-kind scriptless test automation platform that’s designed to think like a QA Expert. Empower your functional manual testers, business users and subject matter experts with automation, without learning programming.

Key features of QUALITIA:
– Qualitia has easy and powerful point and click mechanism to identify UI objects.
– Start in-sprint automation the moment your stories and wireframes are ready!
– Automate complex test scenarios requiring conditions based on the run time results.
– A detailed report for every step of execution that captures screenshots of the current application status.
– Qualitia’s Automation Bots and Integration help you to confidently enable your DevOps pipeline.
– You can author Custom Actions directly in Qualitia and the Custom Action code is maintained in Qualitia’s project library.


8. TestMagic

Provider: Universal Technology Solutions

Licensed/Free: Paid

AI/ML-based End-to-End One-Stop Scriptless test automation Platform. Unified AI/ML capabilities across different stages of Test Automation – Test Creation, Test Execution, Reporting & Analysis.

Key features of TestMagic
– Script-Less and offline Automation
– Single Sign-On
– Offline Automation
– Object Version Agnostic
– Test Data Encryption
– Inbuilt Version Management
– Operational and Business Analytics
– Exception Handling
– OCR Capabilities
– Computer Vision
– Mouse and Keyboard Automation
– STAAMAP And iAutoHeal
– AI-Driven Automated Test Pack Execution
– AI-Driven Test Reporting
– AI Driven Scheduler
– Smartphone Test Farm


9. TestArchitect

Provider: LogiGear Corporation

Licensed/Free: Paid

TestArchitect is an integrated codeless Test Automation platform that focuses on scaling up Test Automation coverage & productivity.

Key Features of TestArchitect:
– Codeless Automation
– Automation Analytics
– Tools Integrations for CI/CD/DevOps Testing
– Web & Web Service Testing
– Legacy App Testing
– Image-Based Testing
– Data & Database Testing


10. TestCraft

Provider: Perforce

Licensed/Free: Paid

Escape slow testing with TestCraft’s no-code automation boosted by AI. TestCraft accelerates test creation, execution, and maintenance. Designed for functional UI testing of web & mobile-web applications.
– Automate stable regression & UI tests quickly. No framework setup.
– AI auto-fixes flaky tests. No maintenance. 4x productivity.
– Test continuously at scale. Run simultaneous tests across platforms & environments.


11. TestSigma (AI Driven Test Automation)

Provider: Testsigma Technologies Inc.

Licensed/Free: Paid

Test web, mobile apps, and APIs continuously @ DevOps speed! Cloud-Based Automation Testing Tool for Continuous Testing in Agile & DevOps. Build stable and reliable tests faster using simple English and speed-up the execution and maintenance of automated tests using AI.


12. UFT One

Provider: Micro Focus

Licensed/Free: Paid

Accelerate test automation with one intelligent functional testing tool for Web, Mobile, API and enterprise apps. Intelligent test automation with embedded AI-based capabilities that accelerates testing across desktop, web, mobile, mainframe, composite and packaged enterprise-grade apps.

Key features of UFT One:
– Accelerate end-to-end testing
– AI-Powered intelligent test automation
– Increase test coverage
– Efficiency at scale
– Control, communicate & collaborate
– Integrated DevOps toolchain


13. Worksoft Certify

Provider: Worksoft

Licensed/Free: Paid

Accelerate projects, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk with continuous automated testing of end-to-end business processes.
Cut project delivery timelines, reduce manual labor, and mitigate risk with the industry’s leading test automation solution for enterprise applications. Worksoft Certify allows you to easily create, maintain, share, and consume automated end-to-end business process tests as part of continuous testing, integration, and delivery cycles. And because Certify is a completely code-free solution, it enables nontechnical business users and IT to work in parallel, speeding delivery times and reducing manual error.

– 100% code free
– DevOps ready
– Flexible & Sustainable
– Scalable
– Intelligent
– Unmatched speed


14. Nineteen68

Provider: SLK Software

Licensed/Free: Paid

Nineteen68 is a futuristic test automation product which encompasses testing of most types of software and product implementations. An all pervasive testing platform which takes a quantum leap towards testing singularity – Nineteen68 is the only platform which can take automation to more than 90% without writing a single line of code!


15. mabl

Provider: mabl Inc.

Licensed/Free: Paid

mabl is a SaaS based solution that tightly integrates automated end-to-end testing into the entire development lifecycle.

Key features of mabl:
– Ai-powered Auto-healing: As your web UI evolves with development, your tests learn and automatically evolve along with it. No more brittle tests.
– Codeless Test Creation: A universally accessible interface enables any software development team member to set up their own automated tests and contribute to product quality.
– Framework Agnostic Testing: mabl’s extensive list of 35+ smart element locators makes it easy to create browser-based tests for any front-end framework, including React, Angular, and VueJS.


16. ClicAutomate

Provider: CLICTEST

Licensed/Free: Paid

ClicAutomate is built on a script-less test automation approach which expedites automation testing. It also supports agile testing with the ability to handle ever-evolving changes in requirements, test cases and application UI. Very low learning time and high pace test creation makes ClicAutomate the most preferable test automation tool; reusability, traceability and the need of no technical knowledge makes it an exceptional.


17. Telerik Test Studio

Provider: Progress Software Corporation

Licensed/Free: Paid

Test Studio’s codeless and code-based automation capabilities in a modular framework enables testing anyone can use regardless of expertise and delivers personalized results for both QA and developers (Functional Testing, API Testing and Load Testing).


18. Test.ai Bots

Provider: Test.ai

Licensed/Free: Paid

Test.ai Helps Quality Assurance Teams Outperform. Below are some of the key highlights of the platform:

AI-Bots build tests without coding or scripting. Anybody can do it … get productive fast.
AI-Bots accelerate testing to the speed of DevOps. Never ship without full feature testing.
AI-Bots scale testing to any platform, any app. Create a test for one platform – deploy to many.
AI-Bots maintain tests automatically… improve quality everywhere. Keep testing running to meet critical business deadlines


19. TestingWhiz

Provider: TestingWhiz

Licensed/Free: Paid

TestingWhiz is a Codeless Automation Testing Tool for Software, Web, Mobile, Database, Cloud, Web Services and API testing.
It is pillared on a strong architecture combined with intuitive Automation Engine and short learning curve that promises to take your test automation to the next level. TestingWhiz covers the below areas of testing:
– Regression testing
– Database testing
– Web App testing
– Cross browser testing
– web services testing
– Mobile App testing


20. OpenTest

Provider: Open source

Licensed/Free: Free

OpenTest is a free and open source functional test automation framework for web applications, mobile apps and APIs, built for scalability and extensibility, with a focus on enabling the mainstream test automation practices. OpenTest is a feature-reach tool that requires little to no coding skills and can handle virtually any type of functional test automation project.


21. Boozang

Provider: Boozang INC.

Licensed/Free: Paid

Codeless testing that works Empower your whole team to build and maintain automated tests, not just developers.

Key features of Boozang:
– IDE-style interface
– Graphic maps
– Cucumber support
– Integrate to any platform and more


22. EndTest

Provider: EndTest

Licensed/Free: Paid

Endtest is the leading test automation vendor.
We provide a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently build automated end-to-end tests for Web and Mobile Applications.

Our technology empowers your team to build tests faster, without writing any code.

Gone are the days when your team had to stitch together an overcomplicated solution.


23. LeapWork

Provider: LEAPWORK

Licensed/Free: Paid

LeapWork’s No-code test automation does more than speed up your release cycle, it empowers non-developers to automate tests with ease so your entire organization can benefit from automation – immediately.

Test automation empowers QA teams to become more productive while lowering costs, reducing risk, and improving product quality. And with LEAPWORK’s no-code automation platform, you can reach this point now, rather than later.

– Build automated tests in minutes
– Remove the maintenance burden
– Scale quickly for maximum coverage


24. TestModellor

Provider: Curiosity Software Ireland Ltd.

Licensed/Free: Paid

Rigorous Testing In-Sprint Quality with Every Release

– Generate test automation and data from flowcharts
– Detect bugs earlier to fix them faster and for less
– Collaborate to build the right system first time round
– Test Modeller generates custom scripts for your automation frameworks.
– Test Modeller creates perfect Test suites and data from visual flowcharts.
– Test Modeller Auto-updates Test cases, scripts and data As complex systems change.


25. Rapise

Provider: Inflectra Corporation

Licensed/Free: Paid

Scriptless Automated Testing (Automated testing for desktop, web, mobile, and APIs)

– Rapise Visual Language lets anyone build complex tests in a familiar interface
– Integrates with a wealth of tools, including Selenium WebDriver and Appium
– Efficient Learn and Go™ helps you edit objects and add validation on the fly
– Easily run tests from anywhere in the world using Inflectra SpiraTest
– Data driven testing brings the power of spreadsheets and databases to your tests


26. Functionize

Provider: Functionize Inc.

Licensed/Free: Paid

Automated Web Testing
– No Scripting, Cross Browser Automation Testing
– Powered by Machine Learning in the Cloud


27. ZeuZ

Provider: ZeuZ Automation Testing Tools

Licensed/Free: Paid

ZeuZ is a cloud-based and on-premise, DevOps ready, and AI supported test automation platform for mobile, web, desktop, API, IoT, and cloud services. Included in ZeuZ are 50+ tools such as Selenium, Appium, image comparison, voice recognition, performance testing – all scriptless, easy to use, and ready for anyone to build complex test workflows. You can create one test case spanning all technologies, or create thousands and group them in a test set or plan.


28. testRigor

Provider: testRigor

Licensed/Free: Paid

Write your tests in plain English. No coding skills required.
testRigor does 95% of heavy-lifting for your code. Just focus on expressing what needs to be tested instead of being bogged-down with coding details and test code maintenance. 100% of technical best practices already implemented for you out of the box. Become 25% more efficient in QA overall. Works in native Android, iOS as well as in Desktop and Mobile Browsers.


29. Cerberus

Provider: Cerberus

Licensed/Free: Free

Cerberus is a low-code, open-source and scalable test automation solution. Selenium, appium and others are already integrated. Implement cross-browser, mobile apps, APIs, desktop tests and more.

Stop coding, start testing.


30. CloudQA

Provider: Statnetics

Licensed/Free: Paid

CloudQA is a codeless platform for automation of web apps. Detect issues in every user journey with greater speed and accuracy (built on top of Selenium).

– Integrates seamlessely with others tools as part of Agile/DevOps eco system
– No automation expertize required
– End to end platform that supports development, maintenance and execution
– Ideal for cloud infrastructre

Hope you find the above listing informative and useful.


In today’s DevOps/Agile world, full automation in each sprint cycle is not always easy to accomplish. Testing teams are always challenged to squeeze the testing window in order to keep up to the code delivery schedules. Testing tools that need lengthy coding/scripting for end-to-end automation are losing popularity due to the above challenges. In the rescue, the modern AI powered script-less tools are becoming the ultimate choice for QA professionals. We are entering an era of “Hyper-automation” and ultimately will hit an era of “Neuromorphic Computing” in just next couple of years and the modern AI powered script-less tools will positively help us to get there.

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