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Why Codeless Automated Testing is gaining popularity?

Do you want to become a Scriptless automation test engineer? If yes, then this article is for you.

What is Scriptless Test Automation? 

A Method of creating automated test scripts that do not require coding or programming skills. Testing that serves to reduce the time required for creating automated tests. Automated testing guarantees to perform testing without the requirement of code. 

Let’s go a little deeper into scriptless testing and make automation simpler for testers. 

Why Codeless Automated Testing is gaining popularity?

In the current times of DevOps/Agile, speed continues to be the prime driver throughout the software engineering (CI/CD) process. To accelerate the test automation process, industry leaders in the Quality Engineering space often prefer testing tools and frameworks that require little-to-no code as part of the testing script development process: low-code, no-code, and codeless/scriptless. These types of testing are almost the same. The testing tools using a low-code/scriptless approach allow the test engineers/test developers to create the test scripts without any previous coding experience.

Platforms that are based on coding/programming are getting outdated because of the initial time taken to develop the automation framework, the longer time to develop the scripts, and also when it comes to testing maintenance and so on.

When you consider a codeless test automation platform (or any other testing tool for that matter), keep in mind that the tool will never 100% replace all your manual testing. It perfectly makes sense for some scenarios to be tested manually that need to most intelligent execution using an expert’s “human touch” due to several environmental reasons.

However, there would be several types of tests that are the right candidate for codeless scripting, e.g. scenarios that are repeatedly tested and not much functionality change involved.

What is the difference between Script & Scriptless Automation? 

Script:  Test steps manually defined before execution. 


Scriptless:  Test steps generated during test execution based on available actions. So, you can move from manual to automation with no code using scriptless and this can increase your speed and test robustness.  

Scriptless test automation can help you including: 

  • Test automation coverage scenarios.
  • Improve Quality (enhance quality).
  • Create stable automation.
  • Accelerate quality delivery.
  • No coding required/involves low coding.
  • Thinks like the end-user(customers).
  • Make changes to tests easily.
  • Testing delays (You can speed up test cycles by using scriptless by enabling your business testers).

Scriptless Automated Testing Methods: 

  • NLP (natural language processing):
  1. Model-based testing
  2. Image-based scriptless
  3. Recording screenshots
  4. Drag and drop-based object mapping
  5. Keyword-driven testing
  6. Object-driven testing
  7. AI Bots for test automation. 

Why do we require scriptless automation testing tools?  

Test automation can’t succeed without the help of effective test automation tools. It will be more useful to know which automation testing tools are the best as per the user behavior. 

  • To automate tests using tools instead of writing test scripts.  
  • Reduces your time spent on test maintenance with their self-healing ML algorithm.
  • Easy, better, and fast results (faster creation of test automation).
  • Cut Down Costs (decreases cost).
  • Search & Automate.
  • Few clicks are all it takes.
  • Built-in hybrid framework.
  • Automated suggestions.
  • Focus more on testing.

To become a test automation engineer coding is mandatory. Right? 

Suppose, you want to become a selenium test engineer then the coding is required to write the test scripts by using any programming language like python, java, or JavaScript to automate the web applications. 

But if you are not good at programming language and you don’t have any scripting knowledge then the following scriptless/codeless automation testing tools are recommended. 

What are the most popular automation testing tools available in the IT industry? 

Today, we see a lot of new automation tools and platforms coming up where they have recorded and replay and create our entire automation test or automation project without doing any coding or very less coding required. Enlisted below are some of the automation testing tools which are helpful to automation testers. 

1. Katalon Studio: It is one of the free open-source automation testing tools. It has been built with readily available features. You just need to configure the software and use it for automation. It is used to automate Web, Mobile Desktop, and API automation testing. Katalon also works with other tools like JIRA, Slack, and such. 

Katalon Studio Website-https://www.katalon.com/ 

2. Appium: It is an open-source test automation framework for mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS mobile, Android mobile, and windows desktop platforms. Appium is designed on a server, and the user gains access to its automation framework through a business person/dealer. 

Appium Website-https://appium.io/ 

3.TestingWhiz: Testing Whiz is a Codeless Automation Testing Tool for Software, Web, Mobile, Database, Cloud, Web Services, and API testing. It is very helpful to provide global solutions & software companies for their web applications. We can automate the applications by using the play and record option and also drag and drop commands as well. 

Testing Whiz Website-https://www.testing-whiz.com/ 

4. Perfecto Scriptless: We can automate the web, mobile, and AI testing web applications as well. It is completely AI-based maintenance & also supports cross-browser execution, cloud-based collaboration and schedule and monitoring, and intelligent reporting and debugging and it also supports integration software. 

Perfecto Scriptless-https://www.perfecto.io/ 

5. Tosca: It is a license-based version. It is a software automation testing tool. We can do end-to-end software application testing. It is used for GUI, API, web application, and mobile application testing. 

Tosca Website-https://www.tricentis.com/resources/tosca-automate-ui/ 


Codeless testing is evolving at a very rapid pace and there are several commercial platforms entering the market every now and then. Hence, I would recommend purchasing  a platform that is futuristic and AI powered. I would also recommend keeping substantial consideration for analytics and reporting capabilities of the scriptless testing platform, as the future is all about analytic based Dashboards, auto-healing, auto decision making abilities using the data trend and so on that takes advantage of AI/ML.

I hope this article was insightful to provide some food for thought around why to consider scriptless testing platform. Will be happy to help in case you have any suggestions/questions.

Happy learning!

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