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Focused on Functional, Performance, Security and AI/ML Testing

Showcase Series – Qase.io

Welcome to our Automation tools Showcase series!

As promised earlier, in each session we’ll consider an automation tool/platform and have a walkthrough to introduce that tool/platform to you so that you can do a better decision making around tool/platform selection.

This is our 1st Showcase session and in this session we will discuss about a platform that helps you to organize both of your Manual and Automation testing process. Achieving 100% automation coverage might not be practical always due to several technological reasons or automation cost is beyond the budget for 100% coverage. In that scenario, it makes sense to prioritize our testcases to have a good balance of Manual and Automation testcases. And you might need a testing platform that integrates with your QA process easily to organize your manual and automation test artifacts.

In this session, we are going to introduce such a platform to you called QASE (www.qase.io). Qase integrates with Jira, Asana, Slack and other tools in the eco system. Qase has been built keeping both Manual and Automation testing requirements in mind. When our applications/products undergo changes/enhancements, it becomes difficult to keep track of things over a period of time. Qase can help in enabling effective traceability/coverage, keep track of manual and automation testcases, test runs, test reports, defects, collaboration with the stakeholders and so on.

“COVID19 pandemic has not changed the market much. However, the pandemic has affected the hiring process. Before pandemic times, you had people from your location/city and were working from office. But now you can hire from all over the world, from another city, another country and so on. For many countries people can see significant boost in their salaries because big companies are not enclosed in their cities but hiring and offering good salaries outside, globally. People from different countries working together as 1 team is what I see as the post pandemic model.”

– Nikita Fedorov

Founder, Qase

The below video covers an overview on Qase. It was a pleasure to meet Nikita and Ilya from Qase today and discussing about their platform. We talked about what was the motivation behind developing such a platform, how the global market is changing due the COVID19 pandemic and most importantly had a great walkthrough on Qase. 

The duration of the video is around 36 mins.

Wanted to thank the Qase team for their time for this discussion and for providing such informative insights.

Hope you find this discussion insightful. Thanks for your attention and time.

See you soon in our next showcase session.


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