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Focused on Functional, Performance, Security and AI/ML Testing

Showcase Series – Sahi Pro

Greetings from Test Automation Forum (TAF)! 

Welcome to our Showcase session! In this session (11th session), we showcased Sahi Pro which is a commerical automation platform that simplifies automation challenges through easy record & playback mechanism and still supports scripting.

Sahi Pro is a suite of mature, business-ready tools for automated testing of Web, Webservices, Mobile, Windows Desktop, SAP GUI and Java applications. Sahi Pro has been the automation tool of choice for hundreds of QA teams globally because of its versatility and ease of use. Sahi Pro works well in Agile development environments, enabling rapid automation and maintenance with easy integration with build systems. The platform saves time and effort with faster test development, less maintenance and fast distributed playback.

Below are some of the unique features/capabilities of Sahi Pro on why should you consider it:

  • Technology coverage: Browser based applications, Desktop applications, Mobile apps (iOS and Android), Web Services and SAP based apps
  • Simple, yet powerful and robust object identification APIs
  • DevOps and Agile ready: Seamlessly fits with Agile or CI/CD ecosystem to support continuous testing
  • Very low programming requirements: Excellent recorder and object spy makes script creation easy
  • Stakeholder-friendly test report
  • Simplified test creation and maintenance
  • Auto-healing and reusability support
  • Business process Test Automation approach
  • Automatic Waits: Sahi automatically waits for page loads and ajax activity.
  • Inbuilt Framework: Helps create clean abstractions between business logic, functional flows and object storage
  • Parallel test execution

It was a great discussion with Narayan Raman, CEO from Sahi Pro! Our sincere thanks to and Pratik Shah (Team Lead, Sahi Pro) for their valuable time to have such an amazing session. Our best wishes to Sahi Pro team on their journey from here.

Dear followers, I hope you find this session informative and insightful. Will be more than happy to answer if you have any questions or suggestions. Also wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for all the support and encouragement so far. That means a lot. Truly appreciate it.

See you in our next session.

 -Tri Rath

Disclaimer: The Test Automation Forum (TAF) doesn’t accept any payments/monetary favors or any other similar benefits to write an article or present a review video in order to promote any commercial software products. The intention is to expand the awareness around the testing Platforms/Products in the Software Testing/QA world.


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