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Focused on Functional, Performance, Security and AI/ML Testing

Showcase Series – SeaLights

Its always a pleasure to welcome you to our Showcase series!

In our Showcase session today, we have an industry leading Software Quality Governance (SQG) platform called SeaLights (www.sealights.io) that can be a potential game changer for your QMS to become future-ready platform to support your organizations Quality Engineering needs.

DevOps culture has transformed the Software Development process into an ecosystem with countless number tools and platforms integrated together in order to drive speed as part of the continuous delivery pipeline. Each and every tool/platform performs their respective tasks in a continuous manner e.g. continuous build, continuous testing, continuous security testing and so on. And these tools generate tons of report/quality metrics that can be leveraged by a Software Quality Governance platform in order to enable the enterprises to take data-driven decisions, resulting in identifying the quality risks early and ultimately achieving zero defect in production.

Our traditional Quality Management Systems (QMS) don’t have analytics capabilities and with help of SeaLights we can seamlessly transform it to a real future-ready quality engineering platform. Its high time to revisit our current process and ensure we initiate the strategic transformations as needed in order to leverage the true power of AI in future.

Below are the features of SeaLights, that make it an unique and powerful Software Quality Governance platform for enterprises:

Quality Analytics

– Measure 360 degree test coverage
– Identify and Prioritize Risks

Quality Intelligence

– Analyze Quality Risks
– Test Quality
– Derive Actionable Insights

Quality Control

– Define Policy-Based Quality Gates
– Perform Risk-Based Test Execution

It was an immense honour to host Scott Alouf, Director of Enterprise Sales and Jason Wides, Director of Customer Success in the session. They brought a lot of unique thoughts and insights around Software Quality Governance capabilities of SeaLights that enterprises need today in order to get full control on the Product quality.

Our sincere thanks to Sealights team for their time to make the session so enlightening.

Check the video below to understand the capabilities of Sealights in details. The duration of the video is approx. 35 mins.

We hope you find this session informative and insightful.

See you in our next session.

-Tri Rath


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